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My Friends

You are worth more than a million dollars.

to this world.

How much is God worth?

How much is Jesus worth?

How much is the Holy Spirit worth?

How much is your Spirit worth?

How much is your body worth?


If you went to the store,

You would not be able to buy the above.

they are priceless.

They have been given to you

and your friends from God.


God who lives in side of your heart,

owns everything in the world.

All the money in the world

Every diamond and precious stone ever cut.

So how can you put a price on yourself?

You are created in God's image.

as a special gift from God above.

So remember that you are worth More than

all the diamonds in the world.

all the gold ever dug.

You are worth everything to God.

So when you look in the mirror today.

Look for God's reflection.

Remember that you have more than

a Million dollar body.

Your are a treasure from heaven

given to us from God.

God loves you.


Dedicated to all my Daughters

Written by

(c) Ethel  Wicksey 03/03/98


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