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1.   Mr. Sly Foxes,

Instant Rock Garden Seeds

From The Town Of Rockavania

            Mr. Sly Fox looked all around him. It was March 31, and he was ready to make money with his new scheme. He went over his checklist.

1.      shovel

2.      work gloves

3.      Packets of, Mr. Sly Foxes Rock Seeds

4.      ruler

5.      a bundle of sticks

6.      garden rake

7.      white bag for the money

Everything was ready. Mrs. Owl had agreed to have the Noserville Beatification Committee, from the town of Noserville meet with him at ten o’clock sharp, that morning. It would not be a good idea to keep her, and her Noserville Beatification Committee waiting.

     Mr. Fox had been warned that Mrs. Owl was never at her best, early in the morning. She was a night owl. She slept for most of the day, as all wise owls are known to do. Her husband was the Chief of Police, and spent the whole night, flying over the hills around Noserville, keeping the town safe.

     Mr. Sly Fox got into his old ford truck, and drove over to the meeting place, in front of the city hall. The Committee had not arrived yet. Mr. Sly Fox walked over and checked out the spot that the Noserville Beatification Committee had planed to make a rock garden. The plants were planted and a water sprinkler had been set up as he had instructed them to do. Everything was ready. He asked Mr. Mouse, his handy assistant to help him dig the holes, and put the sticks where he was going to plant the rock seeds.

     It was not long before the Noserville Beatification Committee arrived. Mrs. Frog sat down and started to rivet. The twin Rabbit Sisters could not stop yawning. They had spent the whole day the day before, dinging up the ground for the Rock Garden. Panda Bear and Teddy Bear stood impatiently wanting. They wanted to get back to their tea party. The Noserville Beatification Committee stood around the freshly dug garden.

     Mrs. Owl introduced him. “This is Mr. Sly Fox all the way from the town of Rockavania.”

     Now for my sales pitch. It had worked before. I see no reason why it will not work in the town of Noserville.

     “Ladies, I am glad you could come. Mr. Sly Fox holds up a packet of Instant Rock Garden Seeds, that he had removed from his pocket. He starts to read from the packet.

Mr. Sly Foxes,

Instant Rock Garden Seeds

From The Town Of Rockavania

Plant these special rock seeds, in your rock garden, and you can grow and instant rock garden in 24 hours. They have been imported from the country of, Rockavania.


Dig up your rock garden. Plant all you flowering plants. Plant rock seeds 6 inches deep where you would like a rock to grow and water well.

Instant Rock Garden Seeds can be used for instant rock fences! Plant three seeds in a hole, one foot apart, along the row where you want your fence to grow. Water well. Guarantee

 Each seed will grow into a giant rock, in 24 hours or your money back.

Use at your own risk.

Mr. Sly Fox

He turns the package over and reads, 


Do not get seeds wet before use!

Have been noted to cause traffic jams, while emergency personal, rescue trapped passengers, from rock-filled vehicles.

Stay well back from your garden for 24 hours while rocks grow.

Do not plant at the top of a steep hill. Giant boulders have been known to grow overnight and roll down the hill causing injury to cattle and damage to property.

Do not plant rock seed’s near a farmer’s field. Rock seed’s multiply fast, and can take over a farmer’s field. They have been known to damage plows, and machinery.

     "My assistant Mr. Mouse will help plant the seeds, six inches deep where we put all the sticks."

     They walk over to the freshly dug garden, open up several packets of Mr. Sly Foxes Rock Seeds, and start to plant them. It did not take them long.

     I will meet you back here tomorrow morning, at ten. Remember only water for one hour and let the ground dry out. You can pay me the $100, for the seeds in the morning. I still have a few packets of seeds left. I will bring them with me tomorrow. They are $50 each, or three for $100"

     The animals, start to whisper amongst themselves, as Mr. Sly Fox and his helper Mr. Mouse, climb into the old battered ford truck, and drive away.

     That night at ten o'clock when it was dark, Mr. Sly Fox and Mr. Mouse drive the old ford truck up to the rock garden. They removed an old dirty tarp, off a pile of rocks in the back of the truck, and start to carry the rocks to the rock garden. They put a big rock beside each stick. Soon the rock garden is completed. Mr. Sly Fox takes a rake, to remove all their footprints, and drives away.

     "That was an easy Job. We should sell quite a few packets of Mr. Sly Foxes Rockavania Rock Seeds in this town. We will be rich. People will buy anything, if you give the right sales pitch."

     The next morning, at ten minutes to ten, Mr. Sly fox, and Mr. Mouse drive up to the rock garden to see if everything is OK. Groups of people are standing around the rock garden, taking pictures to send to their family and friends. The local TV station is doing a live broadcast, from in front of the rock garden. The news had spread, to neighboring communities. Cars and vans full of people start to arrive, from all over the area.

     “This is better than I expected,” Mr. Sly Fox tells Mr. Mouse. “I am glad we took the time yesterday afternoon, to drive over to the gravel pit, and fill more packets with rock seeds.”

     Mr. Sly Fox and his helper, get out of the old ford truck, and walk over to where the women from the Noserville Beatification Committee stood. Mrs. Owl and her friends thanked Mr. Sly Fox for the beautiful rock garden, and hand him two fifty dollar bills.

     "I have other Packets of, Mr. Sly Foxes, Rock Seeds with me," he tells the Committee.

      The people all start to line up in front of Mr. Sly Fox. He takes the money they hand him and puts it in a white bag, while Mr. Mouse hands out the Packets of, Mr. Sly Foxes, Rock Seeds.

     After an hour, all the packet of seeds, have been sold. Mr. Sly Fox along with his assistant climbed into his old ford truck, and drive down the hill. At the bottom of the hill, a police roadblock blocks the road. Another police car pulls out from behind a big building, stopping Mr. Sly Fox from escaping.

     Mr. Owl the Police Chief, walks over to the old ford truck and says, “Come out with your hands in the air.”

     Mr. Sly Fox and his Helper Mr. Mouse, get out of the truck.

     “Hand over the money you stole, from the honest people of our town.”

     Mr. Sly Fox gives the white bag filled with money, to Mr. Owl the Police Chief.

     On his way to jail, Mr. Sly Fox asks Mr. Owl the police chief, “How did you know it was a hoax?

      “Remember Mr. Sly Fox, that I am the Police Chief. I fly over the city of Noserville to patrol the city every night. I sat in my favorite tree, by city hall last night about ten o’clock waiting for Mrs. Owl to bring me my snack, and a thermos of hot coffee. We saw you and Mr. Mouse; get out of your truck. You took the rocks from the back of your truck, and planted them in the rock garden. Today is April the 1st. The trick is on you. We have a free rock garden, while you get to go to jail.”

Monday, March 31, 2008

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 


2.   Mrs. Owl Is Hurt

Two weeks after the incident with Mr. Sly Fox, a new family moved into, the old run down house along the river just on the edge of town. The property had become overgrown with weeds. It had been an eyesore to the Noserville Beatification Committee for several years. The house had been left vacant after Mrs. Wolf died. Rumours had been told, that she left the house to her son Ben Wolf, who had left home as a teenager to travel the world. He had ended up in Australia, and married a seep farmer’s daughter. The people, who met the Wolf family, said they were different and the children spoke with an accent.

     The Noserville Beautification Committee talked about the new family at their weekly meeting. We need to bake a pie and some cookies take it over to the Wolf family so we can welcome them to the Town of Noserville.

     Mrs. Owl said she would bake her famous, very berry pie and Mrs. Teddy Bear said she would bake some triple chocolate chip cookies. Mrs. Teddy Bear told Mrs. Owl that she would come to her house the next morning to help carry the pie for her.

     Mrs. Owl went home for her nap and spent the evening after she woke up, baking her famous, very berry pie.

     Mr. Owl the Police Chief, came home to eat his breakfast the next morning, after spending the nigh protecting the town of Noserville. He was extra tired. He told his wife “we had several calls last night. Stones had been thrown at people and through windows. By the time, we arrived; the person who had thrown the stones had fled. There was no evidence left behind of who did it. This is strange. We never had any crimes in our town before the incident with Mr. Sly Fox, and his Instant Rock Garden scheme. I know it is not Mr. Fox, because he is being sent back to the Town of Rockavania when he gets out of prison.

     Mrs. Teddy Bear arrived at ten o’clock the next morning. She put the very berry pie in the large basket, with her triple chocolate chip cookies. Several bottles of fresh strawberry jam poked their lids out of the basket. “The Rabbit sisters dropped the jam of the night before,” she told Mrs. Owl.

     They arrived at Mrs. Wolf’s home, and knocked on her door. The yard was all cleaned up. Fresh new curtains waved in the open windows. They could both see a big improvement. Come in and have a cup of tea with me, Mrs. Wolf said with a deep accent. I have just baked some biscuits. The three women chatted and had a nice visit getting to know their new neighbour. The two women promised to drop off some seedling for Mrs. Wolf to plant in her new garden. They both invited her to come to the Noserville Beautification Meeting next week.

     On the way home, the two women talked about the visit they had with Mrs. Wolf. She is so nice and has some good ideas about how to grow roses. They were just a block from Mrs. Owl’s house, when Mrs. Owl fell from the sky and landed on the ground with a heavy thump.

     When she woke up she said, “I felt something hit my wing. I think my wing is broken.”

     Mrs. Teddy Bear gently picked Mrs. Owl up, laying her on the soft padding in the empty basket. She carried her home to see her husband, Mr. Teddy Bear the Doctor.

     Mr. Owl was notified and he flew over to see how his wife was. Mr. Teddy Bear came out and told him. You can go in and see Mrs. Owl now. Her wing is broken so she will not be able to cook any food or do any work for six weeks.”

     The Noserville Beautification committee called and emergency meeting. All the women agreed to help Mrs. Owl, until she was able to take care of her family.

     That night Mr. Owl set up lookouts all around town to see if they could catch who was throwing the rocks. Our town will not be safe until we stop this person.

     At ten o'clock that night Mr. Owl was sitting in his favorite tree drinking his coffee when he heard a noise. He set his coffee cup down on a limb and few of to investigate. He heard a noise as some of the windows in the town hall shattered. He followed the person who threw the stones. He got on his handy cell phone and called in his back up. I am on the road that leads to Mr. Wolves home. Meet me there. He pursued the person through the bush right up to the home of Mr. Wolf. He saw a young boy hide something behind a board in the shed and go into the house.

     When his back up arrived, Mr. Owl went over and knocked on the door. Mr. Wolf answered the door.

     Mr. Owl told him. I am Mr. Owl the police chief. “I believe your son is responsible for throwing rocks at people and breaking windows.” My wife Mrs. Owl was hurt, and has a broken wing.

     Mr. Wolf called his son. “Rodger come here. Where were you tonight?”

     “I was just looking the town over.”

     “Did you throw any rocks?”

     “No father, I did not throw any rocks.”

     Mr. Owl told Mr. Wolf, “please come with me I have some proof.”

     He flies over to the shed and asks Mr. Wolf to look behind the loose boards. Mr. Wolf puts his hand in the crack, and pulls out a slingshot. “I told you to leave the sling shot back in Australia Rodger. There is no place for a slingshot in a Town.”

     Rodger hangs his head and tells his father, I am sorry.

     Mr. Owl takes Mr. Wolf aside. Mr. Wolf tells Mr. Owl the Police Chief that he will have Rodger pay for all the damage that he did.”

     “What about the people he injured. My wife will not be able to do much for about six weeks.

     I will send Rodger over with my wife every Saturday and he will help my wife clean your house.

     Six weeks later Rodger had become friends with the children from the Town of Noserville. He helped his father fix all the broken windows. He saw what his thoughtless action did to Mrs. Owl and how her family was affected by his actions. He spoke at the assembly in his new school and told the children from Noserville that throwing stones and damaging property is wrong. It might be fun at first, but when you get to know the people you hurt and see the damage you have done, it does not feel good any more.

     Mr. Wolf had been a professional baseball player when he was a young man, so he started a baseball team for the children of the town of Noserville.

     On his way home, from school, Rodger Wolf stopped at Mrs. Owls house and gave her a bouquet of flowers.

     I am sorry I hurt you. It is so good to see you are able to fly again. I have some flowers I bought for you with my own money.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 


3.   Rodger Wolf and the Ladybug

It was the last week in May and Rodger wolf was on his way home from the Noserville School. He splashed in the puddles on the country path that led to his home in the woods. His feet did not get wet because he had obeyed his mother and wore his rubber boots that morning. It had rained for two days and there were a lot of puddles to splash in.

     Rodger was just about to step into another puddle and make a big splash, when he hears a soft voice calling.

     “Help! Help! Can you help me?”

     “Rodger looks down and sees a ladybug sitting on a rock, in the middle of the puddle.”

     “What are you doing sitting on a rock in the middle of a puddle ladybug?

     “I cannot swim.”

     “Why don’t you fly away home like the song says? Lady bug, lady bug fly away home.”

     “I cannot fly.”

     “That is silly, all ladybugs can fly.”

     “My wing is broken. I was on my way to find a rose bush after hibernating in the mountains with my relations all winter, when I fell into this puddle.”

     “Why did your fall into a puddle?”

     “A bird tried to eat me, but spit me out of its mouth, when it tasted how bitter I tasted. All ladybugs taste bitter.”

     “I know you do not smell good. Every time I pick up a ladybug, they leave a stain on my hand and it smells awful.”

     “That is our defense. We secrete a bad smell when we are afraid. Most birds will not eat us because of the smell. The bird hurt my wing with its yellow beak. I fell into the puddle and landed on this rock. I have been here for two days and need to get some food soon or I will die. I am starving.”

     “I will help you,” Rodger says as he lifts the injured ladybug off the rock in the middle of puddle. He holds her ever so gently in his hand.” Where do you live?”

     “I live on rose bushes. I try to find a rose bush to live on in the spring. Do you know where there are any rose bushes?”

     “Yes. My mother planted several rose bushes. My name is Rodger Wolf. What is your name?”

     “I am Fran Ladybug.”

     Rodger continues to walk along the path trying not to hurt his new friend Fran. “This is my home. I will put you on this yellow rose bush by this bench.”

     “Could you put me on a leaf at the back of the rose bush, so that I can hide from birds?”

     “Yes Fran.” Rodger gently puts Fran into the center of a big green leaf at the back of the rose bush. “Is there anything else I can do for you? I am going to make myself a jam and peanut butter sandwich for my afternoon snack. I will share it with you if you want.”

     “No Rodger, the rose bush will supply all the food I will need. I eat aphids.”

     “What are aphids?”

     “They are little small insects that love to drink the juice from rose leaves. They are delicious. I can eat aphids all day. Do you want one?” Fran reaches under the rose leaf and holds a juicy aphid in her hand.”

     “No thanks Fran. I think I will stick to eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It would take a million aphids to fill me up. They are so small. I have to go and do my homework now. I will come out and talk to you, when I am finished eating my supper.”

     Later that night, Rodger comes out and sits on the bench by the yellow rose bush. “Fran are you there?”

     “Fran swallows the aphid that she is eating, then wipes her mouth before she answers, “yes Rodger. Thank you for bringing me to this rose bush. It is covered in aphids. I have all the food I will ever need.”

     “My mother thanked me for bringing you home. She likes ladybugs. She says they are good for her garden. I think I will do my science report on ladybugs. Will you help me tomorrow Fran. You know more about the life of a ladybug than I do.”

     “I will help you Rodger.”

     “Thank you Fran. I looked ladybugs up on my computer and it says that millions of ladybugs fly up in to the forest each winter. Then they fly back to where they came from in the spring.”

     “You are right Rodger. I flew about ten miles up into a forest and stayed there for the winter. There were so many ladybugs on the tree and on the ground under the tree that I could not count them. I slept under a bunch of rotting leaves with my friends to keep warm, and then flew back to Noserville where I was born.”

     “Thank you for the information Fran. I will put it into my report. I have to get ready for bed. Goodnight Fran my friend.”

     “Goodnight Rodger. See you in the morning.”

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 

     Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home! Each year Ladybugs fly in by the millions to winter in the East Bay’s Redwood Regional Park. Naturalist Linda Yemoto explains this phenomenon. But how these beetles know where to go is still one of nature’s mysteries. This information is on the internet for anyone to see.

Watch the video about Californian ladybugs by Naturalist Linda Yemoto at,



4.   The Lost Heart

            Sally was seven years on Valentines Day. Her mother had a surprise party for her. They had ice cream and a big birthday cake in the shape of a heart.

            After the dishes were put away and all evidence of a birthday party was cleaned up Sally’s mother told her. “I have one more gift for you. When I was six years old, my mother gave me this.” She pulls out a gold heart on a gold chain. This belonged to my grandmother. She gave it to my mother when she was six years old. Now it is your turn to have it. You are not to take it to school, or outside when you play because it might get lost.

            I will put it in the jewelry box you gave me for my birthday mother, and take it up stairs and put it on my dresser.

            Sally was so excited that she had a hard time falling to sleep that night. She got out of bed several times and opened the music box with the rainbow and three butterflies on it, to listen to her favorite song, Butterfly Kisses.

            The next morning Sally got ready for school. She wore her new rainbow turtleneck sweater. She had put the necklace on under it and hoped her mother would not ask her if she was wearing it. Sally tried never to tell a lie.

            Sally was feeling guilty by the time she finished eating her eggs and toast. She was going to run back to her room and take her heart necklace off when her father said it was time to leave for school. The fresh snow on the roads will slow me down. I am the principle and can not be late for school

            That day at school, Sally showed all her friends her new gold heart necklace. Her best friend Tammy walked her home after school. Let’s make snow angles Sally said. The two girls lay on the fresh snow and made several snow angels.

            The snow was so light and fluffy that they had fun throwing it at each other. It was not packing snow so they could not make snowballs. Sally reminded her friend Tammy, “it is dangerous to throw snowballs because someone could get hurt.”

            Sally’s mother called them, “come in and have a cup of hot chocolate and some chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven.”

            Sally’s little brother David came and joined them at the table. He was four years old and a real pest. He spilt his hot chocolate all over Sallie’s new rainbow turtleneck sweater. Tammy said she had better go home before it got dark. David started to how because his cup was empty. Sally went up to her bedroom to change her clothes.

           After Sally rinsed the hot chocolate out of her new sweater, she looked in the mirror and started to cry. 

            The gold heart necklace was gone. She put on a clean tea shirt and went down stairs.

            She put on her snowsuit and went out to the front yard. She checked in the front yard where she had made the snow angle but the snow angle had disappeared. It was snowing so heavy and the wind was blowing so hard that Sally was glad to go back into the warmth of her house. What am I going to tell mother.

            Sally did not feel very hungry that night and asked to be excused from the table before dessert. “I think I will go up to my room and play for a while she told her mother.”

            Sally crawled into bed and fell to sleep.

            The next morning her brother woke her. “Sally, Sally wake up it snowed last night and there is no school. I want to make a snowman. Come on hurry.”

            Sally took her time. She did not want to look her mother in the eye. Her mother had a way of knowing when something was wrong.

            “Good morning Sally.” her mother and father said when she entered the breakfast room. “Hope you had a good night sleep.”

            “Yes,” Sally said avoiding her mothers eyes.

            “I want you to take David out and help him make a snowman this morning. You have the day off. Phone your friends and see if they want to come and help you.”

            “I don’t feel like making a snowman today mother. David is a real pest and I do not want to play with him any more. I do not feel good today.”

            “That is too bad. Your father was going to take you sledding after the roads are plowed.”

            “OK I will help David, but I do not want to be around my friends right now.”

            Sally and David bundled up well. The snow was deep. Sally started to make a big snowball and rolled it around the front yard. When it was big enough she made another ball. David helped her make a small ball for the head. “I will go to the shed and get the red and white hat and some of those big stones we put away in the fall for the snowman. David, go ask mother to give you a carrot for the nose and a banana for the mouth.”

            When Sally scraped the snow away to put the carrot on the face for a nose she felt something hard. She took off her glove and dug out the hard object. It was her lost heart necklace. The clasp had come undone. It was not damaged.         Sally ran into the house all excited. “Mother, mother, I found my heart necklace out in the snow.”

            “I did not know you lost it. I thought it was in your bedroom in the music box.”

            “I wore it to school yesterday mother. It must have fallen off when Tammy and I were making snow angels in the front yard.”

            “I think I will have to keep your necklace for a while Sally. You were told not to wear it to school or go out to play with it on. You broke your promise. You will have to show me you can keep your word and obey me before I will return it to you.”

            “I am sorry mother. I will try to listen to you next time.”

            “You had better go and help David finish the snowman. It will be lunch soon.” Sally’s mother gives her a big hug. “I love you Sally. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson.”

            Sally goes outside and helps her brother David finish making the snowman.

            That afternoon Sally takes turns with her brother David, sledding down the big hill with her father. “If I hadn’t changed my mind and helped David, make the snowman I would not have found my necklace,” she tells her father as they walk back up the big hill.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 


5   Willie Water

Hello!  My name is Willie Water. I think I am the most important thing that God ever made. You might just think I am boasting. Let me tell you my story. Some of my friends have nick named me Little Drip, but I prefer it if you call me Willie.

My life began ever so long ago. Well, you might say I am as old as the earth. Anyway, I have been around for a long, long, time. I am just about as old as time it self. Well, Just about! 

I started out way up in the sky. My brothers, sisters, and I, as well as my father and mother provided a covering for the earth in the beginning of time. At that time, we were called a Firmament. Firmament means “Expanse of The Heavens.” I like the Word Firmament. It sounds so important. I have a hard time pronouncing it. I think that is why most Bibles, in the book of Genesis call Firmament “Sky."

We provided a covering, something like a thin mist for the whole earth. The sun would shine trough us and some times, we would turn into dew and get a chance to visit earth. It was so much fun to settle on a flower in the early morning. I just loved the smell of roses. The sweet smell of the rose would stay with me for days. Usually before, noon the sun would be shining enough so that I would be able float back up and join all my brothers and sisters in the sky.

One day, I cannot remember how old I was. The sky became dark. I was frightened. My mother and father were there to hug my brothers, sisters and myself. Dad and mom were giving us a big bear hug when all of a sudden we all joined together and started to fall. The Lightning was flashing. Other families started to fall with us. When we hit the ground, we all joined together with our aunts, uncles, and cousins, into a big puddle. The puddle grew larger and larger.

 When I was brave enough to look up, I saw this enormous boat. It was the largest boat I had ever seen. It was so strange. This boat was sitting on dry land miles from any lakes or rivers. I had never seen a boat on dry land before. Usually I saw them sailing in the ocean.

 The puddle of water soon grew bigger. My family, was swallowed up, by one of the dry boards on that big boat. It was as if we became a part of the wood. We had a bird's eye view of all that was happening around us. Our home became a board in this big humungous boat.

 Within a few days, there was enough water to cause that big boat to float. The sun did not shine for a long, long time. My Father said it was over forty days before the sun came out. When it did come out, all we could see was miles and miles of water. There were no more trees or living things. Not even a beautiful rose! It was months and months before we saw dry land again. One day the boat stopped floating and came to rest on the side of a mountain.

One morning several weeks later, I looked up and saw a raven flying out of a little window. He soon came flying back. In a few weeks, I saw him again. He never came back. Everything around us started to turn green. It was so beautiful. We were so high up that we had a bird's eye view of the valley below us. It must have been about ten days before I saw a white dove fly out of the window. He came back with an olive branch in his beak. The next morning, I was woken up with this strange sound. It was like no other sound that I had ever heard before. I looked up into the sky. Birds and insects were flying all around me. I saw humming birds, cranes and even a butterfly. The colours were ever so beautiful. Red, green, yellow, orange, and even purple. It was so exciting to see all this beauty, after just seeing water for so long. You would think by me being water, that I would not get sick of water. Try living on a board with all your relations for one whole year, and you would understand what I am talking about. It must have been a year since we fell to earth as a drop of water.

Early the next morning we were rudely awakened by this most scary sound. The door of the boat was being opened up. They had forgotten the oil can, and the hinges were all rusty. A man and his wife along with their family came out into the sunshine. The brightness of the sun must have hurt their eyes, because they rubbed them. They had to shade them from the sun for a while. The lady called the man Noah.

It was like a zoo. Every animal I had ever seen came out of that boat. I saw elephants, tigers, raccoons, and even a hippopotamus.

It took most of the day because there were so many animals.

That night when all the animals had left the boat, Noah picked up several big rocks and made them into a pile on the ground.  Noah took some dry wood and started a fire. The family knelt down around the fire. They started to thank God for saving their family from the flood.

 After the family stopped praying, I looked up and saw this big, big round arch in the sky. It spread from one side of the mountain to the other. It was pink, yellow, and blue. Noah called it a Rainbow. He talked about it being a new covenant from God. Dad said that when we fell to earth, joined together as a family we became rain. When the sun shines through the rain, a rainbow is made.

A few weeks later the warmth of the morning sun caused my family to turn into vapor. We all floated back up to the heavens. We turned into a cloud.

 It was not long before I dropped back to earth again as a raindrop. I landed on a rose again. It was the most beautiful rose I had ever seen. 


6.   Willie Water’s Camping Trip

Hello! My name is Willie Water! Did you know I am able to cause a pot to blow its top. I have so much power that I can cause a train to climb a mountain. I did once. Let me tell you the story of how I blew the top off a pot… Life is never dull when you are a drop of water. We are always moving and changing. We never stay the same.

It all started when Jim went to the well and pumped me into his water bottle. Being at a camp with a lot of boys can be a real adventure. Jim put this bottle on the outside of his backpack. Every few hours Jim would stop to get a drink. He remembered to drink the juice. The water in the bottle had to be boiled, before it was safe to drink.

I had to keep my eyes shut a few times on our trip up the mountain. Jim crawled over a big log and around a narrow ledge. All I could see over the cliff was the cars below. They were so far down, that they looked like aunts.

After a long time, we stopped for the night. Jim got out his sleeping bag and put it into his tent. I was so glad to stop. With all the sloshing I had done in the past few hours, I would have turned into butter, if I had been cream.

Jim lit a salmon can filled with rolled up cardboard with a match and old candle wax. This was the strangest fire container I had ever seen. He poured some water out of his bottle into an old battered black coffeepot. Jim put a big can with holes in its sides over the can of fire. He set the pot of water on top of it. He had learned not to drink untested well water. By boiling the water, for ten minutes and adding a purification tablet the water would be safer to drink. The pot of water started to get hotter and hotter but it would not come to a boil. There was a bit of wind blowing that day and it was cold out side. The camp director took out a thermometer and took the water in our pot’s temperature. He said the water had to boil, for ten minutes to purify it. Water will boil if the temperature is above 100 degree Celsius or for you Americans 212 Degrees Fahrenheit. God made this rule and it has been in existence from the beginning of time. Our temperature couldn’t get above 100 Celsius. The fire under us was not hot enough. Nobody's pot of water would boil.

The boys were cold and thirsty. The pot of water I was in just would not come to a boil. Jim gave up. He took his pot and put it into the hot coals of the campfire. Before long, it started to boil. Some of us drops of water got so hot that we turned into steam. We started to get hotter and hotter. Finally, we had to escape so we blew the pot's lid right up into the air. Jim was so surprised! When water turns into steam, it has a lot of power. It has so much power that it can cause a big train to move up a mountain. Jim made hot chocolate in his mug.

After that, he added his package of dried stew mix to the pot. He was smart enough not to drink the hot chocolate until it cooled. Yes 100. Celsius is really hot! Hot chocolate can burn your mouth if you drink it at that temperature. I do not like people to drink me so I was glad to escape just in time. I was in the steam that blew the pot's lid. I am on my way up to join my family in the clouds again. I will share another adventure with you real soon.

Good by.

Willy Water


© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 



7.   HOP SKIP and JUMP

Hoppy Rabbit will be eight years old tomorrow. He is a twin. His sister Skippy was born on the same day. Hoppy is five minutes older than his sister Skippy. Jumper his older brother is ten years old. They have twin baby sisters three months old. 

  Hoppy’s mother was extra busy looking after the baby twins. When she wanted the three older rabbits to come home from playing in the field, she would put her head out the window and call, “HOP, SKIP AND JUMP, COME HOME NOW PLEASE.”

   Whenever a visitor was on their street, they would stop in their tracks when Hoppy’s mother called HOP, SKIP AND JUMP, COME HOME.

  Hoppy’s mother was baking and had run out of eggs. The cookies were in the oven and the cake was on the counter ready to be mixed. “I will have to send my children to get eggs,” she thought. She stuck her head out the window and called, “HOP, SKIP AND JUMP, COME HOME RIGHT AWAY.”

   As all good rabbits do, HOPPY, SKIPPY and JUMPER came home hopping fast.

  Their mother said, “HOP, SKIP AND JUMP, please go to farmer Jones and buy a dozen eggs, so I can finish making the cake for the Birthday Party tomorrow. Buy a carrot to eat on your way home. Hurry home because I will need you to play with the twins while I finish baking. All I have is a twenty-dollar bill. Be extra careful and don’t lose the change. I need the eggs right away so please hurry.”

  Hoppy, Skippy and Jumper, hopped out the door and down the lane.

  As they hopped down the lane, they sang this song. “Our name is HOP, SKIP and JUMP. One two three HOP, four five six SKIP, seven eight nine JUMP.

One two three JUMP, four five six HOP, seven eight nine SKIP. One two three SKIP, four five six JUMP, seven eight nine HOP. 

  Before they could sing the song twice, they arrived at the white picket fence that surrounded farmer Jones’ house. They said, “High Rover” to farmer Jones dog and then knocked at the door. They stayed on the porch playing with Rover the dog until Mrs. Jones came out with cold carrot juice and a big carrot for Hoppy, Skippy and Jumper. Farmer Jones set a carton of fresh eggs down on the stool by the table and gave Hoppy the change from the twenty-dollar bill.

  “We have new baby kittens in the barn if you want to come and see them,” said Farmer Jones.” Come to the barn when you finish eating your carrots and drinking your carrot juice.”  

  Hoppy and Jumper said, coming and gulped their carrot juice down as some boys do.

  Skippy said, “Stop! We needed to hurry home with the eggs for mother” The three rabbits had a disagreement.

   Hoppy and Jumper said, “It will only take a few minutes to see the kittens.”

  Skippy Said, “I will hop home with the eggs, then come back and see the kittens tomorrow.”

  The two brothers, hopped to the barn. Farmer Jones had the five kittens in a big basket in the corner of the barn.

  “Can we jump in the hay,” Hoppy asked.

  “Yes”, farmer Jones said.

About twenty minutes later Skippy hopped into the barn. “You boys are in trouble, she said.” Mother said to hop home now.

   “Hoppy and Jumper hung their head. The two boys were covered in hay.

  “Where is the money Hoppy” asked Skippy?

Hoppy reached his hand into his pocket and it was empty. All the money had fallen out while he was jumping in the hay. Now what was he going to do?

  “Farmer Jones, I lost my mothers change,” Hoppy cried.”

Farmer Jones said. “Come back after supper and I will help you look for it.”

  “Thank you farmer Jones,” Hoppy hung his head as he walked out the door. “What am I going to tell mother!”

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 




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