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      December 9, 2009

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Dedicated to my sister



Joseph’s Donkey

Joseph a carpenter from Nazareth hooked me up to the brand new cart, and filled it with plows and all the other heavy equipment that he had made. “We will take a longer trip this year, Ashan.” He tied sacks filled with smaller goods on the backs of the six, pack-mules he had rented from the blacksmith. We traveled all the way around the Sea of Galilee stopping in different towns and villages along the way to sell the merchandise.

      The sacks were empty and only two sets of hand carved oars were in the cart when we arrived in Bethsaida at the end of the week. Joseph didn’t have to direct me to Zebedee the fisherman’s house. We always ended our excursions there.

      Zebedee came out to the cart and looked the oars over. He felt the smoothness of the wood. “These are the finest oars I have ever owned,” The dreaded words came as usual, “Come fishing with me tonight while I try them out Joseph. You can return to Nazareth with fresh fish tomorrow.” I never minded traveling long distances or pulling heavy loads, but always dreaded having fish put on my back. How would you like to carry burlap sacks full of fresh caught, slimy, smelly fish on your back?

      “I will, go with you after I deliver this wooden cart to its new owner.” When we returned to Zebedee’s home, Joseph put me in the coral for the night with the mules. He went fishing in a boat on The Sea of Galilee all night.

      The men came back with a boatload of fish in the morning. Zebedee helped Joseph put the catch into several sacks and started to tie them on the backs of the pack mules. Joseph called me. He put my packsaddle on my back. I held my breath waiting for the smelly fish. For the first time in my life, Joseph told me, “You do not have to carry fish today Ashan. You will carry the new carpet I bought for my house, instead.”

      The sun was starting to cast long shadows on the ground, when Joseph walked through the gates of Nazareth once more. Joseph stopped in front of the fish traders hut, and removed the sacks of fish from the backs of the pack mules. Joseph bartered for a while, before receiving a fair price for the fish. He had a smile on his face as he dropped the handful of coins into his heavy money pouch. The mules smelt like fish so he washed them at the river to remove the slime and smell of fish, before returning them to the blacksmith.

      When we arrived at his modest home, on the other side of town, he took the carpet and packsaddle from off my back. “That was a successful trip we had this week, Ashan,” Joseph said as he rubbed a favorite spot behind my long, floppy ears. He reached into the bin, for my usual portion of oats and filled my bucket with fresh cold water. “I have to hurry or I will be late.” He held out a carrot. “Mary’s father is expecting me.”

      Joseph was all excited and shared the good news with me, when he arrived home later that night. I was what you would call his sounding block. He told me everything that was on his mind. He never had to worry about me gossiping, because most donkeys don’t talk. He told me, “I will start to build a new room onto my house tomorrow. Mary and I are getting married. She is so beautiful.”

      Joseph spent all his free time building the room for his bride. I noticed something different about Joseph. His mind wandered and some times, he had to cut a board twice before he had the right measurement. He hit the wrong nail twice and had two black fingernails. This was most unlike him.

      “Mary has gone to visit her cousin Elisabeth, for a few months,” Joseph said, when he came home one day. “I will miss her.” Joseph seemed so alone. I tried to cheer him up by acting silly, but what could a donkey do. I brushed my head against his arm to let him know I loved him.

      The months went by fast. Joseph finished building the bedroom for Mary. He told me, “It is a fine-looking room. I have made a big window where we can sit and watch the setting sun. The carpet you carried from, Bethsaida added the final touch. I know Mary will love it.”

      The day that Mary came home, Joseph came to talk with me. I had never seen Joseph so disturbed. He put his arm over my shoulder and whispered in my ear. “Mary is with child. I never slept with her. She said a messenger from God told her she would bear God’s Son. The promised Messiah was growing in her womb.

      “What am I to do?” He buried his face in my mane and wept. “The laws of Moses say anyone who commits adultery is to be brought before the priests to be judged. They will take her out and the people from the town will stone her to death. I cannot do that. I love Mary. God help me!

      “I know what to do! I will send her back to her cousin, Elisabeth, so that no one will know the truth… I will make the arrangements tomorrow morning.”

      The next morning Joseph came to feed me. He looked as is he had seen a ghost. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and put his hand on my mane, then rubbed me behind my ear. “Mary was telling me the truth, Ashan. The angel of the LORD appeared to me in a dream last night saying, Joseph, son of David, fear not to take Mary as your wife. The baby who she is caring in her womb is of the Holy Ghost. Mary will have a son and you will name Him Jesus. God has sent Him, to save His people from their sins. He is the promised Messiah. I went to tell Mary and her father what happened. The arrangements are made. I will bring Mary home as my wife this week.”

      My life changed after that. Joseph did not come out to the barn and share his hopes and dreams with me anymore. He spent all his spare time with Mary. When he was with me it was, Mary this and Mary that. I was lonely for the attention I had before he married Mary.

      Mary fed me, my oats and filled the pail with fresh water, every day. She always had a carrot for me. Some afternoons she would take me to the market for supplies. All the people in town scorned her. Some of her best friends crossed the road to avoid having to talk with her. After she tied me to a post, and went into the store, I would hear the women whispering behind her back. Mary is an adulterer… She should be stoned! Some unkind women said she is no better than a common prostitute that walks the street at night…it is a shame what she did to Joseph.

      Mary always held her head high with a smile on her face. She knew the truth. When we arrived home, I would notice tears in her eyes. My mane would get wet with her tears. “I never slept with a man. The child I carry below my heart is truly the Son of God. His archangel did visit me. I am telling the truth.” She would dry her tears and hold her head high. “God please give me the strength I need to get through the coming months. Thank you for listening to me Ashan.” She gave me another carrot rubbed me behind my ear and went back to what she was doing. There was something special about her gentle touch.

      One night after supper, Joseph came out to the barn, to hash over his thoughts with me. It was like old times. “Mary will be having our first child in a few weeks. Caesar Augustus has told everyone to return to the home of their birth to be taxed. Because I am a descendant of King David, I will have to travel to the Town of Bethlehem, the place where I was born.

      “I tried to talk Mary into moving in with her mother. Sixty miles is too far for her to travel in her delicate condition. She refused to stay behind, so I will have to take her with me.

      “I will make a special saddle for your back, so Mary will be comfortable. The trip will take us several days.

      The next morning Joseph entered the barn with a donkey. “Ashan, this is Harbona. I bought her so she can help us carry some of our supplies to Bethlehem. It is too far for Mary to walk in her condition so she will ride on your back.”

      Joseph spent the next two days making a saddle. He carved it from wood and covered it with a sheep’s fleece so it would be more comfortable for Mary.

      The day finally came when Joseph put the new saddle on my back. Harbona was fitted with my packsaddle. He put all the supplies needed for the trip on her back.

      Joseph lifted Mary on to my back. She sang a song as we traveled along the road. “My soul does magnify the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. He has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from now on all generations shall call me blessed. He that is mighty has done to me great things; and holy is His name.”

      We traveled several miles the first day, and camped under the stars for the night. I heard Mary and Joseph talking about the baby that she was going to have.

      “I am anxious, Joseph! How will I be a good mother to Jesus, the Son of God?”

      “I am nervous also, Mary.”

      “Our God will help us in the days ahead.”

      “Yes Mary, He will look after us in out time of need.”

      The six-day trek to Bethlehem was uneventful. We caught up to some travelers who reported that robbers had attacked them. God protected us. Joseph shared some of our provisions with them along with some coins to bless them. We stopped overnight in cities whenever we could.

      There was a long line up at the north gate leading into Bethlehem. Joseph was required to register and pay his taxes at that gate before entering the city. Mary told Joseph that her time was near. The birthing pains had started. The first star had appeared by the time we entered Bethlehem. The streets were crowded and people had set up shelters everywhere. Joseph went to several inns and got the same answer. We are full, there is no rooms left in the inn. With desperation, Joseph begged an innkeeper. “My wife is with child. Her birthing pains have started. She will have her baby tonight. Is there any place where we can find shelter and have some privacy for the event?”

      I have a stable at the back of my inn. There is fresh hay to make a bed for your wife. It is clean. I will send some of my servants with food and clean water. You can stay there tonight.”

      Thank you,” Joseph said. The kind innkeeper took us to the stable and helped Joseph take the packsaddle from Harbona’s back. He scooped some oats into the trough and filled the manger with fresh hay.

      “Call me if you need anything,” he said on the way out the door. “I have to hurry, because the inn is so busy.”

      Joseph spread several blankets on a pile of hay in the corner, and helped Mary get comfortable. He offered her some of the food that the servants brought, but she was not hungry. She took a sip of water and fell asleep.

      Joseph came over and brushed Harbona’s and my long, shaggy coats. He put his arm aground my neck and started to pray, “God thank you for providing us with shelter for the night. I do not know why your first-born child will be born in a manger. Your plans are always right.”

      Later that night, I awoke when a baby cried. Joseph was holding a newborn baby in his hands. He wiped the baby clean and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, then handed the baby to his mother Mary. “Mary, this is our Son Jesus.”

      Later that night a noise at the door awoke me. Joseph opened it and spoke to a man.

      “We are lowly shepherds. We were tending our sheep tonight when the angel of the Lord came to us and the glory of the Lord shone round about us. We were afraid. The angel told us, fear not, for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people, for to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. This shall be a sign, you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. Suddenly a multitude of the heavenly host stood before us praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

      When the angels left, we said let us go to Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord has made known to us. We came right away, and saw a light in the stable as we descended the hill. Is this where the Christ Child is?”

      Joseph opened the doors wide so the shepherds could see Mary. The baby was asleep in the manger.

      Mary reached into the manger and lifted up the newborn baby, who Joseph had wrapped in swaddling clothes. This is Jesus, the son of God, Your promised Messiah.

      The shepherds stood in awe. They glorified and praised  God, thanking Him for everything they had heard and seen, that night.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey

December 2008

 The Multiplying Turkeys

I will always remember the last Christmas we spent together as a family of five. Would I have done it anything different, if I had known that this would be the last Christmas, my husband, would get to spend with us? This is a question that I have asked my self several times.

      Dean started to get sick that summer. He had a lawn mowing business. Many afternoons after I finished work, I would go and help him cut grass. I would find him sound asleep under a tree. His work was not done.

      This behavior was starting to bother me. Dean had always been a fast worker. I had found it hard to keep up to him. Just the year before I had seen, him run up the hill in front of our house without any trouble. By October, he was running out of breath and sleeping all the time. I took him to several Doctors. They all said there was nothing wrong with him. One even told me that he was depressed. Lawn mowing is seasonal. I would stock up by buying extra canned goods and frozen meat in the fall when it went on sale, to make sure we had enough food for the winter. It hurt my pride, but I had to go to the welfare office and apply for medical benefits. In the States, you do not have OHIP. You have to pay for all medical bills yourself. They checked out our income and told us we qualified for food stamps as well as medical.

      We planned to have a quiet Christmas. The weak before Christmas there is a knock at our door. Someone from the community brought us a box of food, along with gifts for the girls. In the box was a twenty-four pound turkey. The week before that, my work had given us a turkey for our Christmas gift. At the community Halloween party, I won a draw. The prize was a turkey. In early October, turkeys were on sale so I had bought two. Let me see, if my math is correct, I had five turkeys in the freezer. You can only eat so much turkey.

      Some one else left a box of food for us at Dean’s, father’s house. It was full of canned goods and a turkey. Let me see five plus one equals six. Some of you turkeys have to go. I was having a hard time closing the door of the freezer. My pantry was so full of canned goods that I had to store boxes full of cans under our beds. God says in the Bible that He would provide all our needs, but God, six turkeys and a quarter ton of can goods.

      I prayed and asked God, “Show me who to share some of this food with.” That night God put a name on my heart. I asked the girls to help me load up the car. Dean was sick. He would run out of breath if he walked very far. He wanted to come along and help.

      As we drove into town, we thanked God for blessing us so we could help others. When we arrived at my friend’s house, I noticed that their pantry shelves were empty. Our tears flowed, as we hugged each other. I told my friend that God had given me extra food for her family. When we left her house, our hearts were as full as her well-stocked shelves.

      The next morning God put another family on my heart. Dean wanted to come with me to deliver the boxes of food, despite the fact that he had to sit up all night to breath. His health was getting worse, but the Doctors could not find anything wrong with him. I tried to discourage him by the insisted he was coming with me.

      When we arrived, a minister was visiting with the family. He asked Dean if he could pray for him. Dean had a good nights sleep that night, for the first time in weeks.

      We were listening to the radio, when there was a knock at the door. A friend from out of town stood there with boxes of toys for the girls and another turkey. If my math is right, that made seven turkeys, one for every day of the week.

      We spent the winter giving the extra food away. God is good.

      Dean went to be home with the Lord, April 5, 1991

     God has always provided for my family, since Dean’s death.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


The White Envelope

It was the second Sunday in January 1992 a woman at church slipped the white envelope into my hand. She whispered in my ear, that she believed in the Twelfth Day of Christmas; then walked out the door to her car.

      I need to backtrack, so you will understand why the white envelope and its contents were so important to our family.

      On Friday, April 5, 1991, my husband’s doctor came out of the emergency room to tell me my husband, Dean, was dead. He was forty-nine years old, too young to die!

      We had three daughters, Roberta 13, Jane, 7, and little Sandy, 5.

I drove the girl’s home to our little rundown house in the country. Dean and I had spent six years remodeling, the old farmhouse but it still needed a lot of work.

      I went to my bedroom and opened the envelope. Five crisp one hundred dollar bills fell out. Tears began to flow.

      The week before, my pastor asked me if I wanted to go with our small prayer group to California. They would be attending a leadership conference on healing. He said I could ride in the van with them and share a room with three other women. It would cost about three hundred dollars. I had told him no, because I did not have three hundred dollars. When the tears stopped flowing, I picked up the phone to tell him about the white envelope and its contents. We talked and I asked him to put my name on the list for California the, the following Monday.

      Many tears were shed that week. I packed my suitcase, and arranged for a friend to come stay with the girls. My washing machine broke down on Tuesday and I bought a good used one, for a hundred dollars.

      I went to California. I had a lot less burdens when I arrived home. God removed them one by one, as I wept at the healing service. I will always be beholden to the woman at church, who handed me the white envelope in my time of need.

      Since that day, I try to have white envelopes ready to hand out, whenever I see a need. We never know how the love from someone giving a white envelope will change the life of a person in need.

Matthew 25:34-40

American King James Version

Then shall the King say to them on his right hand, Come, you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungered, and you gave me meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in: Naked, and you clothed me: I was sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we you an hungered, and fed you? or thirsty, and gave you drink? When saw we you a stranger, and took you in? or naked, and clothed you? Or when saw we you sick, or in prison, and came to you? And the King shall answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.

Why A Manger

This Christmas stop, and ask yourself, why Jesus, God's only Son our King, was born in a Manger?

Ask yourself, who was Jesus sent to replace?

Jesus was sent to replace, the Sheep, the Cattle, and even the Dove. They were being sacrificed, daily in the Temple. King Solomon, sacrificed thousands of sheep, goats, and bulls, when he dedicated his Temple. God sent Jesus His Son to replace the sacrifice of the animals and even the dove. Jesus blood was shed once and only once for our sins. That is why God let Him be born in their home, a manger.

May God bless you, as you remember the special gift God sent to you, more than two thousand years ago. He sent His Son Jesus, so that we might have eternal life.

I pray that you will find Piece, Joy, and Love, in the New Year, as you worship Jesus Christ.


Dedicated to, Nellie Russchen.

She shared this idea at church in December 1997

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


                                    A Christmas Gift


Two words that can change your life forever

“Forgive me”

Give Yourself the Free-Gift, of

Forgiving This Christmas

JESUS is the special gift of forgiveness, which GOD gave us at Christmas. Just think, from the day JESUS was born, He spent his life teaching about forgiveness. He went to the cross so that ALL our sins could be forgiven by His Heavenly Father, God.


JESUS taught forgiveness, as HE hung for hours on the cross. As HE was about to die a most anguishing death, HE looked over at the man beside HIM and told him that HE would see him in paradise that day. JESUS also looked out at his murderers and asked GOD to forgive them because they knew not what they were doing.

My thoughts went to Corrie Ten Boom. She had to be filled with GOD’S Love, and HOLY SPIRIT to reach out her hand to the man that day. He was at a church to hear her speak, several years after the end of the Second World War. This man pushed his way through the crowd and made eye contact with Corrie. Instantly, she felt a chill go down her spine.  It was the face of the German guard, who had seen her and her sister naked. He was responsible for her sister’s death in the concentration camp! His face and cold piercing eyes, had gawked at her every morning, during her imprisonment in the concentration camp. After her release, his face and eyes continued to haunt her dreams. She saw something different in his eyes that day…Was it Love.

“I have become a Christian,” the deep voice that had caused her knees to tremble for so many years said. There was something different about the voice!!! It had Peace and even bubbled with Joy. This tall handsome man asked, “Will you forgive me?” He had tears streaming down his face.

Forgive…Forgive you...

“GOD….help me forgive him,” Corrie cried in her heart, as she reached out her hand and said, “I forgive you.” Instantly, there was a surge of power, pulsating through her fingers, as they were held softly in the German’s rough calloused hand.

Her enemy became her Christian brother that day.

I pray, that your hands and heart, will reach out to forgive someone this Christmas Season.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


More than a Diamond

My Dear Friend

This Christmas, when you open your gifts, remember, that you are

 worth more than a million dollars, to this world.

How much is God worth?

How much is Jesus worth?

How much is the Holy Spirit worth?

How much is your Spirit worth?

How much is your body worth?

If you went to the store,

You could not buy the above.

They are priceless. 

They have been given to you from God.

God, who lives in side of your heart, owns everything in the world.

All the money in the world.

Every diamond and precious stone ever cut.

So how can you put a price on your self?

You are created in God's image, as a special gift from God above.

So remember that you are worth more than,

All the diamonds in the world.

All the gold ever dug.

You are worth everything to God.

So when you look in the mirror today.

Look for God's reflection.

Remember that you have more than, a Million dollar body.

You are a treasure from heaven, a gift given to us from God.

God loves you.

Dedicated to all God's Children

Written for my Daughter Jane, March 3, 1998

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


 Jesus is not a Baby Anymore

Take Me out of the manger please

I am more than a man, I have the keys

I paid the price, My blood was poured

I am Jesus Christ, I am your Lord

Take Me out of the manger today

Read your Bible, and start to pray

Look to the sky, this very noon

The time is at hand, I may come soon

I will come back, to earth to some day

It could be tomorrow, it could be today

I am calling you, can't you hear

I am so close I am always near

Take Me out of the manger do

Read your scriptures, they are true

The time is close I cannot wait

Trust me, and don't be late

Take Me out of the manger's hay

Close your eyes, and start to pray

Eternal life, to those who come

To worship Me, God's only Son

I Am the Truth, I Am the way

Learn about Me and start today

Study your Bible, that you might know

I died for you, not long ago

I arose again, that you might live

The Truth is there, it is not hid

Take Me out of the Manger, now

It is not hard, I will teach you how

Open your heart, and let Me come in

To give you a fresh start, and take away sin

Tell Me today, if you have a need

Pray to me and I will set your free

Come to Me, and you will see

I came to earth, hung on a tree

Take My hand, and hold on tight

I was sent, to make things right

Take Me out of the manger please

Come to Me, on bended knees

Open your heart, and begin to say

I love You Jesus, come in, today

My prayer is that you will let “God's Manger Gift, Jesus Christ,” live in your heart. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins. Ask Him to set you free. Jesus is not a baby any more, but has ascended to heaven and is waiting for God His Father, to say…



Once you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior, you become the Bride of Christ, a part of His Church here on earth.

My prayer is that God will richly bless you, this Christmas.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


 The Snow Flake

As we rush about this Christmas season, take the time to look at a snowflake. Each snowflake was created by God to be unique and different. If you take one snowflake and hold it in your hand, it will melt away in les than a second. Pick up a handful of snowflakes, squeeze them together, and you can make a snowball ever so strong.

Start rolling that snowball in the snow, and it will get bigger and bigger.

Take three big snowballs and pile them on top of each other and you can make a snowman.

We are a lot like a snowflake. God created us, but no two people are alike.

If we stand alone we can fall, and some times melt away, but put a few of us together, standing on the Word of God, and we become stronger.

Link all the spirit filled Christians in the world together, and we become the “Bride of Christ, God's Church.”

Look at a snowflake, join hands with a friend, and become stronger. Remember, that God gave Jesus Christ to help us stand together.

Winter, 1998 

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


Three Wise Gifts

As you gather with your family and friends this Holiday Season, I pray that you will stop for a few minutes to talk about, the real meaning of Christmas. Think about the birth of Jesus Christ, born two thousand years ago in a manger. As I did this, I started to ask questions about the three Wise Men. Where did they come from? Why did they bring Jesus Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh?

Can you feel their excitement, after they discovered a new star in the sky? When they found out the meaning of the new star, they left their families and homes to follow the star. They traveled far, through the heat of deserts. They climbed mountains. Many dangerous places had to be passed through, before they reached Bethlehem. They did this to bring their special gifts for the Christ Child. The wise men were not even Jewish. I feel that the Holy Spirit must have whispered in their ear, revealing the true meaning of the new star. The Holy Spirit put into their hearts, what gifts to bring with them.

The first Wise man brought Gold.

When Joseph took Mary and Jesus and fled to Egypt Joseph was able to use this Gold for traveling expenses. He was also able to support his family with the Gold until he found work.

The second Wise man brought Frankincense.

Frankincense: The flower of this tree is in the shape of a white star. To get Frankincense, they would tap the tree for the sap. It had to sit in the sun to evaporate until it hardened. Frankincense was used to make incense. It was used for trade and very expensive to buy. It had a sweet, sweet smell. “Just think of the time and work it would take to make one cup of Frankincense.”

Exodus 30: 34-38 …God told Moses, to use Frankincense: along with other spices to make, the Incense burnt in the tabernacle. This Incense was described in the Bible as “Holy to you, for the Lord.” The trees it came from were native to India, Arabia and Africa.

The third wise Man brought Myrrh.

Myrrh: was extracted like sap from a white stiff branched tree. The resin would harden. It was very expensive to buy. God told Moses to use Myrrh along with other spices mixed with Olive Oil, to make the Anointing Oil.

Exodus 30:22-33…This Anointing Oil was used in the Tabernacle. It was used to anoint both priest and kings.

Exodus 37:29…Both the recipes given by God to Moses for the Anointing Oil and Incense could not be copied or used by anyone but the Priest with a penalty of death for doing so.

Is not it fitting, that God would have two of the kings bring Frankincense and Myrrh, to give to Jesus. This must have meant a lot to Joseph and Mary who were raised in the Jewish faith. God prepared well for Jesus our King, our High Priest.

Mark 15:23… When Jesus died on the cross, he was given wine, mingled with Myrrh.

Micah 5: 2…The prophet Micah predicted the Birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem

Bethlehem means… “The house of bread.” Jesus, the bread of life was born in Bethlehem.

Beth means…House.

Two Bethlehem’s were mentioned in the Bible.

1. Bethlehem Ephrathah, where Jesus was born.

2. Bethlehem a town in the land of Zebulun Josh. 19:15

I pray that this information will be of help to you.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


 The Virus Protector of Your Mind

This Christmas, give yourself the best gift and allow the Holy Spirit to become the virus protector, of your mind.

Everyone who uses the internet needs to have a good virus protector on their compute to prevent bugs, spam, and viruses from damaging or destroying their computer.

Evil people are out there trying to destroy the computer world, by sending new viruses over the Internet daily. We have to update our virus protection on a regular basis or it is of no worth. These viruses also like to attach themselves to our correspondence and infect other people’s computers.

What about our minds? It would be a good idea if we could punch in a few words and have, our minds protected from all the evil out in the world.

That is not possible.

There are some words written in a book that can help protect us from the evil, which is around us. They are written in God’s word the Bible.

There is some one else that can help us. God sent us the Holly Spirit. Once we give our lives to Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives within us and is available to help us, with our thought life. The Holy Spirit will help protect our minds.

We need to add new protection every day, by reading our bible, listing to good Christian music, and asking Jesus to help us.

This Christmas do not forget to get some virus protection for your mind. Remember Jesus is waiting to give us all we need. Heaven’s storehouse never runs dry.

© Ethel Hiday Wicksey


A Lesson from a Crow

A few years ago on a cold winter’s day, as my mother and I were eating lunch, we saw a crow. You might just laugh at the thought of seeing a crow. The town of Chatham where we live has been nicknamed Crow City. It is the home to about forty thousand crows, give or take a few. There is one crow for every person who lives here. At night or early in the morning, if you look out (be careful not to look up, if you get my message), the sky is full of crows flying above you.  This was no ordinary crow, I saw that morning. He was a selfish crow. I named him Ben. Ben had been out raiding the garbage bags in our neighborhood that morning. He had found a most interesting treasure. It was the most hilarious situation I had seen in a long time, but it was also so sad. This most hungry crow had found a full slice of bread. No, not just one of those cheap slices of bread but an extra large slice. The problems with crows are that God did not give them hands to hold their food. Ben sat in the tree with his beak full trying to figure out how to eat his slice of bread. He had several options. He could go and sit on the roof of our shed and drop the slice of bread onto the snow. If he did this, he could open his beak and take a bite. No, that would not do! There were, other hungry crows all around him in trees waiting for Ben to share his lunch with them. The second the bread touched the snow, they would all be there to steal his lunch. Ben, the Crow, wanted every crumb of that slice of bread for himself. He just sat there, with his beak full of bread.  His stomach was growling. This was the biggest piece of bread that Ben had ever found. Just think a whole slice of bread all to himself!Ben, the crow must have sat in that tree for thirty-five minutes trying to think of ways to eat the bread without sharing it with the other hungry crows. All of a sudden, Ben flew into the cedar hedge and disappeared. I thought that I had seen the end of Ben. That was not to be! A short time later a crow, flew into the tree from the hedge. He had a tiny piece of bread in his mouth. I thought  it was Ben at first until I saw Ben fly out of the hedge. He still had the rest of the slice of bread held firmly in his beak with a big corner missing. The sad thing is that his friend, Sam, had flown into the hedge and snatched a big piece of bread. Sam sat there, eating his lunch as Ben sat in the tree with his beak dripping saliva. Ben’s stomach was still growling. There was no way that Ben could eat his lunch without sharing some of it with his friends.

We can be like Ben the crow with the blessings that God had given us. If we are selfish with them, we will not have much joy. I know I do this sometimes. I will always wonder how much bread Ben had to eat that day.

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The booklet, that I put together “Christmas Past and Present,” is a collection of my Christmas stories, poems and is filled with personal testimonies of my walk with God.

A month ago, I took my empty black ink cartridge in to be refilled. The woman said it was full. Two weeks ago, I tried to print some coloured pictures and the pages came out blank. Yesterday I tried to print my black and white booklet that I wrote for Christmas and the pages came out blank. The black ink was out. I decided to take the ink cartridges in to get them re filled. When I was opening, the hinge where the coloured ink cartridge fastens, it broke. A spring popped out and a piece of plastic broke off. I put everything back together and the printer works. It is a bit noisy so I will put some grey duck tape on the broken hinge tomorrow to hold it together. I decided to use the printer until the coloured ink runs out.

I did say a little prayer, asking God to help me.

This afternoon I tried to print a page and found that the black ink was working again. I know the ink cartridges were both empty. I printed about 15 booklets, about 26 pages, along with the book covers and about 15 coloured pictures and the printer is still printing. I know the cartridge tips did not dry up because I use the printer all the time.

I know God must be answering my prayers.

It is the same way with my car. Two weeks ago, I stopped to get lunch. When I went to start, the car there was no power. Even my headlights would not come on. I said a quick prayer and phoned CAA for help. I got out of my car to open the hood and heard the door buzzer. I turned the key and the car started up right away. I canceled the CAA.

Usually when I drive around town the check engine light, comes on. The car is 17 years old. This has been happening for about two years. I drove to London and back on Monday and the check engine light never came on.

Three years ago, my old car failed the emissions check. I had no work done on the car, before I took it in last year, and it passed the test.

When I was writing the novel “The Scarlet Cord, Rahab’s Story”, I remember reading how God provided for the people, as they wandered in the wilderness. Their shoes and clothes never wore out. God always provided them with food, shelter and water.

I want to pray for all the people who are having a hard time this year. I pray that God will provide for all your needs.

 I have been trusting in the Lord for the past few years. I have very little income. God has kept my car from breaking down and now he has helped me get my Christmas booklet, printed in time to send it to my friends.

I have had a busy year. I self published my first novel, ‘The Scarlet Cord, the Life of Rahab,’ in February and have three other novels that I am working on.

My dear daughter in love Roberta died on September 5, 2009. My kind friends in the community and at church helped the girls and I to fly to California. Because of their love, Jane, Sandra and I were able to be there for Roberta’s memorial service.

We were blessed to hear how God answered our prayers for a Church for Roberta and Godly Family. We sat and wept as we listened to the testimonies of Roberta’s Church friends and Husband Chris. They shared of how much Roberta loved serving the Lord. Chris said Roberta was preparing to go to church with him, the day that God took her home to be with Jesus.

We were able to spend time with Roberta’s two Daughters who are being raised in loving Christian homes. God is so good. Jane and Sandra enjoyed jumping in the waves the day we stayed at a motel by the ocean.

I want to tell you that God even gives us the icing on the cake. I love to fish. I had fun fishing in Lake Erie this summer and came home with three 24 inch,-lake trout. I did not catch them but some men stopped their boat and threw ten 8-pound fish on the dock. I will think twice about bringing fish home next time. I was up until two in the morning getting them ready for the freezer. I just found some more scales on the wall by the window. I wonder how they got there.

I won a contest called, Casting for Recovery for Breast Cancer survivors. They have a draw every year and pick a group of 10 women. We were to go to Cambridge, near the Grand River and stay at a luxury resort for three days in October. They postponed the trip to January or February, because of the new flu scare.

I kept asking myself how we were going to go fly-fishing in the winter in Ontario. Everything will be frozen over! I received my answer in December. The leader phoned two weeks ago and told me that we would be flying to Bermuda some time in February. I am looking forward to this trip. I checked it out. They take a group of women who are breast cancer survivors and teach them how to tie flies and fly fish. Just think, in a few months I will be fishing in Bermuda. I wonder what kind of fish we will catch.

God has been good to me. I pray that you will think about your past and see how God has blessed you and share these memories with your family and friends.

With Christian love, Ethel


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