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Beautiful Day

                I know it is going to be a beautiful day. It rained this weekend. It refreshed the parched ground. When I looked out my window this morning, I could see the hungry robins gathering worms.  The morning doves are cooing as they scratch for their breakfast, on the ground below the bird feeder.

                This site contains some of my writings from the past two years.  The stories are about people.  Some of them just like you and me.

                 I truly can say like Paul that no matter what happens to me, I believe that, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit inside of me, will help me have Joy. 


                Sure the circumstances in my life have caused me to cry and be sad. I grieved the loss of my husband 12 years ago. I even got angry and depressed several times. When I was ready, the Holy Spirit helped me reach out my hand to God. He reached out His hand to me. He pulled me out of the depression.  He always showered me with His love and cleaned me up, by anointing me with fresh hope.

                Jesus talked about being like a shepherd doing the same, for his lost sheep.  Jesus tolds us that he would go out and find them. Once found, He would clean up their wounds and wrap them in His cloak sitting them down by the fire so that they could heal and get better.  If it were a lamb, He would hold it near His heart until it could stand on its feet again and walk.

                My stepdaughter Roberta is hurting again.  She had twin girls, Katie and Elizabeth April 21, 2003. Her kidneys are not working, and she has to be on Dialysis three times a week. I have loved her since the first day I met her twenty-two years ago. My heart is heavy. I know she was a gift to me from God.  She had been hurt so much, when she came into my life.  Her birth mother had emotional problems and wasn’t a good mother. I was sent by God to help heal the hurts. I admit I made a lot of mistakes.  We are human and seem to make wrong choices. We need a lot of prayer to heal our relationship.  Sometimes we say and do things to hurt the people we love.

                I prayed that God would bless Roberta and heal her. I prayed that the baby’s would be born healthy. I had thousands of people praying for these two little babies. They prayed for Roberta’s health also. Baby Katie died a month later. Elizabeth is doing fine. Jane, Sandra and I, saw her and held her for a few minuets in June.

                I feel I have been wrapped in Jesus's arms the last few years. He has blessed me with friends, to hold me in their arms, as I hurt. I grieved the loss my grandson Joseph last year and baby Katie this summer. I never had an opportunity to see or hold my grandson or Katie. God gave me a vision the night he died, of Jesus handing Joseph to my late husband Dean, to hold and to love.        

The sun is out now. The Son is also in my heart.  I can feel His warmth as I write this letter. Thanks for listening to me this morning, God.

God is good


Six Years Later

                I saw my granddaughter Elizabeth in September. I also was able to spend time with Roberta’s older girl, Samantha.

                It is Christmas Day 2009, and my heart is heavy. Roberta died on September 5th this year, and I never got to see her again. She had spent the last seven years serving the Lord.

                Never ever stop loving or praying for your children. God listened to my prayer and brought Roberta a Godly husband and so many friends at the hospital and church to love her. She was getting ready to go to church when she died. Sure, my heart is heavy. I will never be able to email or phone Roberta again, but I know with peace and assurance that she is in heaven with Jesus and her family.


© Ethel Hiday Wicksey 



If I Your God, know how many hair’s are on your head,

            don’t you think, I know how many penny’s are in your bank account?



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